Matching Drizzle Cruets, set of 2


Drizzle Cruets. 2 per set. Matching oil and vinegar glass drizzle cruets, elegant European style and design. Made of lightweight, but durable hygienic hand-blown borosilicate glass. 2 piece cruet: glass pour spout and vessel body.

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This item has become one of our most popular sellers. Our Drizzle Cruets are not mass produced, they are hand blown by European glass craftsmen. The Drizzle Cruets are custom made only for

Custom-made matching oil and vinegar glass drizzle cruets. Hand blown glass, Elegant European style and design. The drizzle cruet is approx 6 inches tall – to the top of the pour spout, and each drizzle cruet holds 6 fl oz. These are the perfect decanters for first pressed gourmet olive oil and tradizionale aceto balsamico to be displayed on any dining table.

Technical grade hygienic hand-blown borosilicate glass, two piece cruet: one glass pour spout and corresponding vessel body.

All Simax glass composition. No metallic corrosion after extended exposure to vinegar. Glass pour spouts seat firmly into vessel with ground glass friction fit. Flared neck receptacle accepts ground glass spout and catches any drip, also is the ideal built-in funnel for filling. Glass spouts have an integral vent for pressure equalization when pouring any liquid. Glass cruets are made for easy oil and vinegar drizzle application over any dish.

Whether drizzling a delicate raspberry wine vinegar, or cold pressed gourmet Spanish olive oil, the drizzle cruets dispense with perfection.

An oil and vinegar cruet set is the perfect unique gift idea for anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas gifts.

Drizzle olive oil and vinegar in salads, or try as a condiment over tossed pasta, grilled vegetables, fresh greens, and roasted meats. Drizzle oil and vinegar flavor while cooking or serving.

Each pair of matched drizzle cruets are hand made in Europe and holds 6 fl oz. Dishwasher safe.

Oil and vinegar not included.

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