Gran Reserva Gift Wrapped Aged Balsamic Vinegar


Includes exquisite Gift Wrap. Give a bottle of Gourmet Modena Balsamic vinegar. Aceto Gran Reserva 25 Balsamico. Villa Grimelli 20 yr. aged balsamic vinegar. A balance of syrupy smooth density, both sweet and tart.

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Authentic Italian aged Balsamic, or “balsamico” vinegar, is made from the “must” of the Trebbiano Grapes cultivated in the region of Modena, Italy.

200 ml or 6.8 fl.oz. with 6% acidity. Some of our customers give this as a gift rather than a bottle of wine.

Gourmet Modena Balsamic vinegar contrasts with nominal vinegar sharpness as offering a balance of syrupy smooth density, both sweet and tart; and it is surprisingly full flavored. The complex flavors of gourmet balsamic vinegar and its distinct aroma come from wine grape must, concentrated, fermented, and matured in a variety of antique wood casks. The casks graduate in size and also wood species.

The finest of balsamic vinegars are aged in small casks made from a variety of woods, including oak, cherry, and ash.

Gran Reserva Balsamic consistency is dense, and syrupy. The aroma is exquisite and complex. The flavor is simply outstanding, an award winning rich taste of tart sweetness. Although an excellent ingredient in an oil and vinegar vinaigrette recipe, the velvet flavor of Gran Reserva balsamic lends itself to gourmet experimentation.

Balsamic gourmet vinegars are used in fine restaurants to enhance entrees or green garden salads, or even simple slices of fresh tomatoes. Chefs sparingly use a few drops of fine balsamico to finish roasted poultry or to produce a reduction demi-glaze for delicately fish fillets. You can drizzle aged balsamic over berries, a favorite fruit, or vanilla ice cream.

Each gourmet balsamico vinegar we offer has been personally taste tested by the management. All balsamic vinegars we offer, are of exceptional taste and quality and pass our strictest taste requirements.

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